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Information processing in the integrated strapdown INS and miniautopilot design
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History of the Department

     Its name "Department of signal reception, transmission and processing" the Department obtained in April 1999 according to a new structure of the university, but until then it was called the "Department of receiving-transmitting devices". It was created on the base of radio-technical faculty in 1961. The first Head of the Department was a well-known specialist in Kharkov, a founder of Kharkov TV center, V.A. Bubnov and the first lecturers were the following graduates of the radio-technical faculty of KhPI: I.V. Barishev, G.P. Kulemin, V.I. Lutsenko, V.N. Tkachenko and V.I. Lakhno, a graduate of KhAI 1961.

     In 1965-1966 a new pleiad of lecturers, the graduates of KhAI, K.D. Abramov, V.K. Volosyuk, A.A. Zelensky, D.S. Medvedev, F.F. Kolpakov, V.V. Pechenin came to the Department. From 1962 to 1968, the Department was headed by the Associate Professor D.K. Zamkov. An important role in the development of the Department belongs to the Professor S.E. Falkovich, Doctor of Technical Sciences, who was the Head of the Department since 1969. Just then the name of "The Department of receiving-transmitting devices" was changed into "The Department of Radio-Technical Systems", some courses were delivered to other departments.

     The Department went through a new birth in 1977. T hat year the radio-technical faculty was divided into two faculties and the structure of the departments was changed. The department of the receiving-transmitting devices, headed by an honoured inventor of the USSR, Professor V.Ya. Barzhin, Doctor of Technical Sciences, was created again.

     Since 1984 and up to now the Department is headed by Professor A.A. Zelensky, Doctor of Technical Sciences.

     Since 1977, the department has carried out a profile training of specialists, in fact over all types of radio equipment.

     Now the department stuff includes 13 lecturers. Among them are 3 professors, Doctors of Technical Sciences. Since 1999, the Department started to prepare specialists in the major subject "Technologies and means of telecommunication". New training courses and programs as well as handbooks and educational supplies are developed now.

History of the Department
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