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Information processing in the integrated strapdown INS and miniautopilot design
April 22

Information processing in the integrated strapdown inertial navigation systems and miniautopilot design
(Kortunov Viacheslav Ivanovich, Professor, Dr. Techn. Sci.)

Miniautupilot based on Integrated strapdown INS/GPS with MEMS

Autopilot specification
Parameter Range Accuracy / Resolution
Angular rate 150 /s 0.2 / 0.001 /s
Linear accelerations 2 g 0.03 / 0.002 g
Yaw 0...360 1...2
Rate 0...500 m/s 0.5 m/s
Altitude 0...3000 m 2 m
Coordinates - 20 m
GPS NMEA-protocol
Magnetometer 6352
Control channels 6 PDM-direction channels
Power 6V DC < 0.2 Watt
Overall dimension 1005025 mm


The measuring of kinematic and dynamic parameters; the unmanned vehicle control on a given trajectory.

Performance capabilities:
  • determination of the unmanned vehicle orientation and navigation parameters;
  • the unmanned vehicle control at the given points (at most 255);
  • the flight data registration with sampling frequency 50Hz;
  • the current information distribution in telemetric channel and its representation at ground computer monitor;
  • switching to interactive control mode from standard remote-control station;
  • setting of different kinds of control feedback for angle, altitude and flight rate damping and stabilization;
  • the feedback coefficients and flying program changing "in flight".

Autopilot structure:
  • INS board with micromechanical inertial sensors (accelerometers and gyros), controller for PWM-direction of control-surface actuators, flesh-memory for storage of flight information;
  • magnetic yaw sensor board;
  • onboard modem for telemeter information transmission;
  • ground modem with directional antenna for command-telemetric information transmission;
  • GPS receiver (protocol NMEA) with antenna;
  • software of ground station for parameters' visualization, autopilot tuning, flight program forming and flight data analysis.


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