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Information processing in the integrated strapdown INS and miniautopilot design
December 6

     Abramov Sergey Klavdiyevich, born in 1977, higher education, graduated from the State Aerospace University named by N.E. Zhukovsky "KHAI" in 2000 on the major subject "Radio-electronic devices, systems and complexes", Candidate in Technical Sciences, Senior lecturer of the Department 504.

Research activity:

  • Digital nonlinear processing of signals and images
  • Development of algorithms, programming

    1. Abramov S.K., Lukin V.V. Adaptive myriad filters for 1-D signal processing // Proc. of the Sixth All-Ukrainian international conference Signal/Image Processing and Pattern Recognition UkrOBRAZ'2002. - Kyjiv (Ukraine), 2002. - P. 163-166.

    2. Abramov S.K., Lukin V.V., Zelensky A.A., Astola J.T. Blind evaluation of noise variance in images using myriad operation // Proc. of International Conference On Image Processing: Algorithms and Systems.- San Jose (USA), 2002.- SPIE Vol.4667.- P.192-203.

    3. Ponomarenko N.N., Lukin V.V., Abramov S.K., Egiazarian K.O., Astola J.T. Blind evaluation of additive noise variance in textured images by nonlinear processing of block DCT coefficients // Proc. of IS&T/SPIE International Conference on Image Processing: Algorithms and Systems. - Santa Clara (USA), 2003. - SPIE Vol. 5014. - P. 178-189.


    • Satellite systems of remote sensing (lectures and laboratory training)
    • Electronic and laser units of SHF (laboratory training)
    • Microwave equipment (laboratory training)
    • Data processing in the digital communication systems (laboratory training)
    • Receiving-transmitting devices of communication means (lectures and laboratory training)
    • Information-computer technologies in communication means (laboratory training)
    • Bases of designing the satellite communication systems (laboratory training)
    • Equipment of signal transmission and processing (laboratory training)

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