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Information processing in the integrated strapdown INS and miniautopilot design
February 28

     Lukin Vladimir Vasilievich, born in 1960, Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences (2002), Senior Researcher (1991), graduated from Kharkov Aviation Institute (1983), since 1980 has been working at the Department: an Engineer (since 1980), a Graduate student (since 1985), a Researcher (since 1988), a Senior Researcher (since 1990), a Leading Researcher (since 1993), Assosiate Professor (since 2002), Professor (since 2005).

     Academic Secretary of the Specialized Council at the National Aerospace University named by N.E. Zhukovsky (KHAI) (since 2003).

     Member of the Program Committee of International Conference "Image Processing: Algorithms and Systems (Nonlinear Signal Processing)", San Jose, USA - since 1996.

     Worked on probation at the North University of Transport and Communication (Jiaotun, Peking, China) - 1992-93; and also repeatedly stayed with the short-term working visits to the International Center of Signal Processing at Tampere University of Technology (Finland) - since 1995.



  • "Computer information technologies for communication systems"
  • "Fundamentals of designing the satellite communication systems"
  • "Data processing in digital communication systems"

  • Basic trends of research activity:

         Digital processing of signals and images in aerospace remote sensing complexes. 5 Candidates defended the theses of Technical Sciences under his supervision, published more than 300 articles, including 3 author certificates of the former USSR, one patent registered in Finland.

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