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Information processing in the integrated strapdown INS and miniautopilot design
December 6

     Ponomarenko Nikolay Nikolayevich, born in 1970, Candidate of Technical Sciences (2004). Graduated from the Kharkov Aviation Institute named by N.E.Zhukovsky (1993), since 1989 he has been working at the department: Engineer 2-nd of category (1989), Junior researcher (1993), Researcher (since 1994), Senior Reseacher (since 2004).


Research activity:
  • Remote sensing
  • Filtering and compression of images
  • Compressing techniques of information

Selected publications:
  1. Lukin V.V., Ponomarenko N.N., Astola J.T., Saarinen K.P. Algorithms of Image Nonlinear Adaptive Filtering Using Fragment Recognition by Expert System // Proc. of I@T/SPIE Symp. on Electronic Imaging: Science and Technology, San Jose, CA, USA, Feb. 1996, SPIE Vol.2662, P. 179-190.

  2. Lukin V.V., Ponomarenko N.N., Zelensky A.A., Kuosmanen P., Astola J.T. Modified sigma filter for processing of images corrupted by multiplicative and impulsive noises // Proceedings of EUSIPCO-96, Vol.III, Trieste, Italy, Sept. 1996, P. 1909-1912.

  3. Ponomarenko N., Egiazarian K., Lukin V., Astola J. Speeding-up the Fractal Compression with Clustering // Proceedings of the Fifth All-Ukrainian International Conference Signal/Image Processing and Pattern Recognition. - Kiev (Ukraine). - 2000. - P. 55-58.

  4. Ponomarenko N., Egiazarian K., Lukin V., Astola J. Lossless acceleration of fractal compression using domain and range block local variance analysis// Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Image processing (ICIP), October, 7-10, 2001, Thessaloniki, Greece, Vol. 2, P. 419-422.

  5. Lukin V.V.,Ponomarenko N.N.,Abramov S.K.,Zelensky A.A.,Egiazarian K.O.,Astola J.T. Automatic Robust Procedure for Radar Image Preliminary Analysis and Filtering // Telecommunication and Radioengineering, Begell House (NY), Vol.58, No. 5-6, P.66-87, 2002.

  6. Ponomarenko N., Lukin V., Egiazarian K., Astola J. Partition Schemes in DCT Based Image Compression, Technical Report 3-2002, ISBN 952-15-0811-6, Tampere University of Technology, Tampere, Finland, 2002, 100 p.

  7. Ponomarenko N.N., Egiazarian K., Lukin V.V., Astola J.T. Compression of image block means for non-equal block partition schemes using Delaunay triangulation and prediction // IEE Proceedings on Vision, Image and Signal Processing, Vol. 150, Issue 4, Aug. 2003, P. 239-243.

  8. Ponomarenko N.N., Lukin V.V., Abramov S.K., Egiazarian K.O., Astola J.T. Blind evaluation of additive noise variance in textured images by nonlinear processing of block DCT coefficients // Proceedings of Intern. Conference "Image Processing: Algorithms and Systems II", Santa Clara, CA, USA, SPIE Vol. 5014, 2003, P. 178-189.

  9. Patent № FI 113603 B. Fractal compression method / N. Ponomarenko, K. Egiazarian, V. Lukin, A. Zelensky, J. Astola // Patenttilehti, №9, p. 33, 14.05.2004.

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