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Information processing in the integrated strapdown INS and miniautopilot design
February 27

     Ponomarenko Nikolay Nikolayevich, born in 1970, Candidate of Technical Sciences (2004). Graduated from the Kharkov Aviation Institute named by N.E.Zhukovsky (1993), since 1989 he has been working at the department: Engineer 2-nd of category (1989), Junior researcher (1993), Researcher (since 1994), Senior Reseacher (since 2004).


Research activity:
  • Remote sensing
  • Filtering and compression of images
  • Compressing techniques of information

Selected publications:
  1. Lukin V.V., Ponomarenko N.N., Astola J.T., Saarinen K.P. Algorithms of Image Nonlinear Adaptive Filtering Using Fragment Recognition by Expert System // Proc. of I@T/SPIE Symp. on Electronic Imaging: Science and Technology, San Jose, CA, USA, Feb. 1996, SPIE Vol.2662, P. 179-190.

  2. Lukin V.V., Ponomarenko N.N., Zelensky A.A., Kuosmanen P., Astola J.T. Modified sigma filter for processing of images corrupted by multiplicative and impulsive noises // Proceedings of EUSIPCO-96, Vol.III, Trieste, Italy, Sept. 1996, P. 1909-1912.

  3. Ponomarenko N., Egiazarian K., Lukin V., Astola J. Speeding-up the Fractal Compression with Clustering // Proceedings of the Fifth All-Ukrainian International Conference Signal/Image Processing and Pattern Recognition. - Kiev (Ukraine). - 2000. - P. 55-58.

  4. Ponomarenko N., Egiazarian K., Lukin V., Astola J. Lossless acceleration of fractal compression using domain and range block local variance analysis// Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Image processing (ICIP), October, 7-10, 2001, Thessaloniki, Greece, Vol. 2, P. 419-422.

  5. Lukin V.V.,Ponomarenko N.N.,Abramov S.K.,Zelensky A.A.,Egiazarian K.O.,Astola J.T. Automatic Robust Procedure for Radar Image Preliminary Analysis and Filtering // Telecommunication and Radioengineering, Begell House (NY), Vol.58, No. 5-6, P.66-87, 2002.

  6. Ponomarenko N., Lukin V., Egiazarian K., Astola J. Partition Schemes in DCT Based Image Compression, Technical Report 3-2002, ISBN 952-15-0811-6, Tampere University of Technology, Tampere, Finland, 2002, 100 p.

  7. Ponomarenko N.N., Egiazarian K., Lukin V.V., Astola J.T. Compression of image block means for non-equal block partition schemes using Delaunay triangulation and prediction // IEE Proceedings on Vision, Image and Signal Processing, Vol. 150, Issue 4, Aug. 2003, P. 239-243.

  8. Ponomarenko N.N., Lukin V.V., Abramov S.K., Egiazarian K.O., Astola J.T. Blind evaluation of additive noise variance in textured images by nonlinear processing of block DCT coefficients // Proceedings of Intern. Conference "Image Processing: Algorithms and Systems II", Santa Clara, CA, USA, SPIE Vol. 5014, 2003, P. 178-189.

  9. Patent № FI 113603 B. Fractal compression method / N. Ponomarenko, K. Egiazarian, V. Lukin, A. Zelensky, J. Astola // Patenttilehti, №9, p. 33, 14.05.2004.

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