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Information processing in the integrated strapdown INS and miniautopilot design
February 27

     Zryakhov Mikhail Sergeyevich. Was born on 10 November 1980, higher education, in 2004 graduated from National Aerospace University, the graduate student of the Department №504.

Research activity:

1. Multichannel data compression (images, EKG, sound).

  1. N. Ponomarenko, V. Lukin, M. Zriakhov, K. Egiazarian, J. Astola, "Lossy compression of images with additive noise", Proceedings of International Conference on Advanced Concepts for Intelligent Vision Systems, Antwerpen, Belgium, September, 2005, pp. 381-386.

  2. Ponomarenko N., Lukin V., Zriakhov M., Pogrebnyak O., Methods for Lossy Compression of Images Corrupted by Multiplicative Noise // Proceedings of the International Conference "Modern Problems of Radioengineering, Telecommunications and Computer Science" (TCSET), Lviv-Slavsko, Ukraine, Feb.-March 2006, pp. 278-281.

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