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Information processing in the integrated strapdown INS and miniautopilot design
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Main trends of researches carried out in the Department 504

     The first scientific developments carried out at the Department since 1968 have been connected with the generation of the high-stability asynchronous fluctuations in the multi-resonance systems and there analysis. They were carried out under the supervision of Professor Barzhin Vladimir Yakovlevich (1924-1985), the Doctor of Technical Sciences. Due to these investigations the new scientific direction - multifrequency precision piezo-electronics, were placed, have been founded and is still developing with a great success up to now.

     Since 1978, along with investigations in the area of multifrequency devices, the Department has started to solve the problems of multifrequency signal digital processing that finally resulted in a separate scientific area of investigation associated with a wide-band signal and field processing.

     Since 1998, the scientific center of radio-electronic and medical devices and technologies started its work in the Department. The activity is directed to the creation of medical computer diagnostic systems and complexes and information technologies, too.

     Since 2004, in addition to these trends, analysis and synthesis problems in combined and adaptive control types systems under uncertainty conditions and an evaluation of inertial system errors by means of outer measurements have been studied.

     The basic trends of the Department research activity for the last two decades are as follows:

  • development of techniques and digital algorithms for signal and image processing in communication systems and complexes and remote sensing from aerospace carriers as well as the medical diagnostic systems;

  • investigations of multifrequency self-oscillating systems and their usage in communication, radio control, measurement engineering, medicine, etc.

     Most of the lecturers and researchers of the Department having the scientific degrees (4 Doctors of Technical Sciences and 9 Candidates of Technical Sciences) defended the thesis in one of the above areas.

     Within the framework of the basic trends, the following investigations have been carried out recently:

  • the compression of multichannel signals and images (Ponomarenko N.N., Ph.D., Senior Researcher, who successfully defended the candidate thesis on 26 September, 2004), investigations are supervised by Zelensky A.A. and Lukin V.V. The consumers of the results of the investigations may be the following organizations STC REMET (Scientific and Technical Center of Radio-Electronic Medical Equipment and Technologies), IRE NASU (Institute of Radio Electronics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine), CRSE NAS (Center of Radar Sensing of the Earth of National Academy of Sciences) and NSA (National Space Agency) of the Ukraine, CEAS (Center of the Earth Aerospace Sounding) and other organizations which are engaged in processing of the data obtained by remote sensing as well as other types of data;

  • application of independent component analysis and neuronets for recognition and processing of signals and images (Researcher Volosyuk E.V., Post-Graduate student Bunyaeva I.V., the 3rd year of training), the consumers are the same as above;

  • reconstruction of three-dimensional digital models of relief and their application for designing the communication facilities and telecommunication systems (Researcher Ponomarenko N.N., Associate Professor Shevelev V.A.), under the supervision of Professors Zelensky A.A. and Lukin V.V. The consumers are JSV INEK, Nuclear Power Station and other organizations which are involved in acquisition and transmission of information;

  • signal processing in biomedical diagnostic systems (Post-Graduate students Bunyaeva I.V., Alpatova O., assistant, Ph.D. Abramov S.K., who successfully defended the thesis in 2003 and assistant, Ph.D. Akulinichev A.A., who defended the thesis in 2004, researcher Volosyuk E.V.). The investigations are by Zelensky A.A., Kolpakov F.F. and Lukin V.V. The consumers are STC REMET and the medical organizations in the Ukraine and abroad.

  • elaboration of automatic procedures of analysis of noise characteristics, signals and images filtering analysis, including for the control of important national-economic objects state (Assistant Abramov S.K., bachelors of department), under the supervision of Zelensky A.A. and Lukin V.V. The users of the products may be INEK, Nuclear Power Station and other organizations, involved in acquisition and processing of data;

  • elaboration of combined bispectral-filtering techniques used for signals and images processing (Kurpatov I., Post-Graduate student Fevralev D.), under the supervision of Associate Professor Totskiy A.V., Professor Zelensky A.A. and Professor Lukin V.V. The consumers may be organizations engaged in the location and technical diagnostics, and IRE NASU (Institute of Radio Electronics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine), Radio Astronomical Institute of Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and other organizations, too;

  • elaboration of multiparameter measurement techniques and development of multiparameter converters of different physical values and processes by using these techniques (under supervision of Professor Kolpakov F.F., Doctor of Technical Sciences);

  • analysis and synthesis of combined and adaptive types of control systems under conditions of uncertainty, the evaluation of inertial system errors by external measurements, development of techniques of multichannel measuring systems filters designing (under supervision of Professor Kortunov V.I., Doctor of Technical Sciences);

  • development of applied software used for signal and image processing and for other applications;

  • elaboration and creation of computer medical diagnostic systems and complexes including encephalographic, cardiographic, rheographic, spirographic ones and the Holter monitoring systems.

     The scientific schools headed by Professors Zelensky A.A. and Kolpakov F.F., Lukin V.V. are well known in Ukraine and abroad (especially this concerns the first field).

     Only over a period from 1999 to 2005, the reseachers of the Department published more than 70 articles in Ukrainian journals and abroad. 5, 2 and 2 patents have been obtained in Ukraine, Russia and Finland respectively. The results of investigations were used in more than 80 reports. About 60 reports have been made at conferences held abroad.

     Investigations are carried out together with the scientists of the Institute of Radiophysics and Electronics of National Academy of Sciences of the Ukraine (Kharkov), Center of the Radiophysics Sounding of the Earth named by A.I. Kalmykov of National Academy of Sciences and National Space Agency of the Ukraine (Kharkov), Scientific Research Institute of Radio Measurements (Kharkov), JSV INEK (Kharkov), International Center of Signal processing of Tampere University of Technology (Finland), Goddard Space Senter NASA (USA), National Polytechnic University (Mexico City, Mexico), Chinese Scientific Research Institute of Radiowave Propagation (Tsindao), Universities of Rennes (France) and Kardiff (Great Britain) and many others.

     From 1999 to 2005 the reseachers and postgraduate students of the Department defended 2 theses for a Doctor's degree, 2 theses of Doctor of Technology of Tampere University of Technology (Finland), 6 Candidate theses in the Ukraine. 8 reseachers, who defended theses, graduated from the KhAI. Defense of one candidate thesis is planned for 2006.

     Presently, only the graduates of the KhAI are the graduate students of the Department. As a rule they start their research activities since they are in the 3rd or the 4th training year in the University.

     7 reseachers of the Department were at foreign practice and had short-term visits to Tampere University of Technology (Finland, repeatedly), National Polytechnic University (Mexico City, Mexico), Universities of Kardiff and Sauthampton (Great Britain), the Institute of Telecommunication (France).

     The agreements on cooperation in scientific reseachers have been concluded with the International Center of Signal Processing at Tampere University of Technology and University of Rennes, that favours the further improvement of skills and information exchange thus resulting in the improvement of training process.

     In 2001-2002 the international agreement with Chinese Scientific Research Institute of Radio Wave Propagation (Tsindao) was concluded and fulfilled. The first stage of agreement with National Polytechnic University of Mexico City (Mexico) is also fulfilled. Since 1996, Lukin V.V. is the member of the program committee of international conference on the nonlinear signal processing (San Jose, the USA).

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