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Information processing in the integrated strapdown INS and miniautopilot design
July 7

The peculiarities of training

     In addition to the fundamental theoretical training, the students specializing in the major subject "Technologies and means of telecommunications" have professional training in a number of disciplines. The following disciplines are the major: theoretical backgrounds of radio electronics and the theory of communication, analog and digital systems and devices to transfer the information along the communication channels, telecommunication networks and relevant equipment including such global integrated networks as Internet and such local networks as Ethernet. An engineering training includes also the study of principles of creation and design of satellite and ground-based radio communication systems which cover the cell and trunking systems of mobile communications, the satellite and ground-based broadcasting and television systems and telemetric data-transmission systems.

     As the majority of the contemporary telecommunication systems are the highly intellectual systems based on the advanced microprocessor and computer technologies, it is natural that an engineer specializing in this major subject obtains a good training in the area of programming and microprocessor engineering, techniques of digital signal processing and contemporary computer technologies.

Major subject
"Technologies and the means of telecommunications"
Major subject
"Information communication networks"
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