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Information processing in the integrated strapdown INS and miniautopilot design
July 7

Major subject of XXI century
"Technologies and means of telecommunications"
(line of training 0910 - "Electronic devices")

     A word "telecommunication" means a long distance communication. The telecommunication technologies imply skill in communication, a set of methods aimed at organization of communication, theoretical and practical fundamentals of creating means, which allow to implement the communication.

     Desire of man to hear and to see better and further turned out to be a fertile ground for the development of different kinds of communication and, particularly, telephony, telegraphy, radio communication, radiobroadcasting, television and others. The telecommunication means are so useful and natural for a man that the process of their improvement is impossible to cease in principle. Nowadays, the millions of people, living on our planet, use these means and are occupied in invention and production of them. However, only at the end of XX century a creative force of the telecommunications became evident, that allows not only to connect cities and continents together and to give any user the possibility of obtaining information at any point of the terrestrial globe independently of its position and at the necessary moment, but to create new lines of investigations in science and engineering and new technologies, too.

     Today the telecommunication is known all over the world as one of the most priority directions in the development of scientific and technical progress, which requires the enormous material and intellectual resources to be used. Based on the telecommunication it is supposed to create the worldwide information infrastructure in XXI century, which will be constructed as "Network of networks", connecting, from the point of view of information space, regional and national communication networks into the common network. The global digital connecting ring is expected to be a basis of the world-wide communication network. It will be made of transoceanic and transcontinental fiber-optic lines and conglobulations of satellite communication supplementing and expanding substantially the potentialities of the ground communications facilities. The global digital connecting ring is thought to integrate practically all means of electrical and radio communication.

     Such tendency of information infrastructure development makes the major subject "Technologies and the means of telecommunications" very important, urgent and promising in XXI century. In connection with this, just the specialization in the area of the satellite communication systems and their technologies opens wide prospects, as a specialist in the satellite telecommunication systems is an universal specialist in the area of electronic engineering and radio communication, digital systems and computer technologies. The necessity in such a specialist is not exhausted all over the world now and always.

Major subject
"Technologies and the means of telecommunications"
Major subject
"Information communication networks"
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